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Connecticut Whole House Power Generators

It is critical to have a constant flow of power when you need it to ensure your safety, security, and comfort in your home. More and more of our daily needs are powered by electricity, so it is essential to make sure we have access to it when we need it.

Even a brief power outage can impair everyday activities and entail danger in homes where medical equipment is dependent on electricity. When storms or municipal power plant problems result in a long-term blackout, the best backup plan is to have a whole-house generator on hand to keep the lights on and the HVAC system and other essential components of a house working. Whole house generators will provide you with the power that you need.

When the weather is rainy or cold, Connecticut homes are more prone to power outages. With long stretches of short days, you may be left in the dark for much of the day if the power goes out.

Protect your family and home every day, at home or far away. A Generac standby generator guarantees that your home, family, assets, and other valuables remain safe during a power outage. A reliable answer is one that guarantees necessities, conveniences, and amenities are always available, even when the power goes out.

What are the benefits of a whole house generator in CT?

You can protect your house with a whole-house generator, so you don't have to depend on the power company to resolve an outage promptly. These systems can be crucial for contemporary homes, which rely on things like freezers, refrigerators, computers, security systems, and much more. These are some advantages of buying an excellent whole house generator backup system:

Preservation - You keep the bulk of your food in refrigerators and freezers. On average, refrigerators hold hundreds of dollars worth of food.

Protection -  If you are in a flood area, you might have a sump pump in your basement. This is something that you do not want to stop working after a major storm.

Cooking - Almost every cooking device we're using these days – from microwaves to ovens to coffee makers – is powered by electricity.

Technology - more than ever, we rely on computers for weather, job-related information, and general communications.

Home Security - A dark house can be a target for burglars. Also, many home security systems may not function if the power goes out.

Safety - Because of the dangers related to using candles and tripping in the dark, our homes are constructed to utilize safer heating and lighting sources.

Connection - The charging of our smartphones, tablets, and other rechargeable items is critical to our daily performance.

Comfort - Even if your house is heated with gas, some newer furnaces and hot water heaters require an electric starter and fan to operate correctly. On hot summer days, air conditioning requires a constant electricity flow to keep the house cool.


Choosing the Best Whole House Generator 


Homeowners often think of portable gasoline generators as an option when buying a backup generator.  Smaller generators have the minimal capacity, are made for short-term usage, and are not suitable to meet modern households' needs.  Portable generators can damage appliances and computer components by their inconsistent energy flow. Additionally, the risk associated with flammable gasoline or toxic fumes can further worsen the situation's difficulty.

Whole-house generators, when professionally installed, provide you with a constant amount of electricity for your household needs, even in the face of power outages.

The Whole House Generator CT experts install industry-proven systems placed outside the home and hard–wired directly into the electrical system. Our whole-house generators will not overload your circuits. Our generators run off a variety of fuels, including propane or natural gas. Most importantly, each generator turns on instantly when it detects a power loss.

Several factors, including the power you need, the cost, the lifetime of the system, and the wiring cost, will determine what kind of system will suit your home.  The smaller, less expensive air-cooled systems are often preferred, while the larger, liquid-cooled generators will run longer and have a greater lifespan.  We have trained technicians to help you determine the best solution for your home and offer a free estimate for installation.

standby generator CT installer

Generac Standby Home Generators

Schedule your generator installation with Whole House Generators CT today.

Because we value our customers' satisfaction, we strive to provide them with a high-quality and affordable service. You can rest assured our trained technicians will complete your generator installation in the Oxford, CT area to your satisfaction. Our generator experts will walk you through the installation process and go through the advantages and clarify the features so you can make an informed decision about protecting your home.

Please contact us to arrange a free generator evaluation. Don't let your home go without power for any reason due to bad weather and outdated power lines. With one of our quality generators, properly sized to meet your demands and connected to your electrical system, you can enjoy uninterrupted comfort and convenience.

Why you want your home generator dealer to be Whole House Generators CT?

We are the preferred Generac whole house generator dealer in CT.

When considering home standby generators, you want to ensure your generators are:

Reliability - Generac stands behind its products, including backup generators, so that they perform reliably. Quality generators, such as Generac standby generators, are designed to perform efficiently under adverse conditions and are built to last.

Reasonably Priced - We understand how important it is to protect utility power, so we make sure your home backup generator is at affordable market value.

Automatic Transfer Switch Enabled - You do not have to worry about manually switching on your backup generator any time there is a power outage. The switch does not require human interaction. In such an event, you will have the comfort of knowing that your loved ones are safe during a power outage. These home generator units deliver backup power to central air conditioners and other similar appliances.

Professional Installation - To rely on the best whole home generator installation service, you need our trained professionals. We will send only our insured, friendly professionals out for your generator installation.

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Home Generator Installation in Connecticut

If you need help selecting a home standby generator, we can help you find one that perfectly matches your needs. Our staff is here to help you.

You should be prepared for any unexpected power outage; contact us, and we can help you choose one and ensure your home is ready for the next power outage!

Once everything is in place and you receive your Generac generator, we can deliver and install the generator on your property.

Generator Maintenance & Repair in CT

Generally, our whole house generators need only minimal maintenance, but we recommend that our professional technicians perform this maintenance for your system to operate optimally when the electricity is out.

Maintaining and repairing your system is very important to us. Our underlying reputation depends on it, and so does your home. For power emergencies, we offer you 24-hour emergency service. However, regular maintenance checks are the best way to ensure your system is always ready to go.

Nobody wants to have to pay a generator repair bill they do not need or expect. Connect with us today to learn how we can maintain your equipment and keep your home safe.



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