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In case of a power outage or an emergency, you can rely on an emergency generator's backup power to weather the storm. There is nothing more comforting than the assurance of a reliable energy source in a time of uncertainty.
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We have been installing generators in Oxford, CT, the surrounding areas for over ten years for homes and businesses alike. If you are planning a generator installation, you can count on Whole House Generators CT.

The installation of a generator involves more than simply plugging it into your home and setting it outside. A properly installed generator will facilitate seamless electrical services during a power outage. It is easier to safeguard your family when electric service is continuous, where you don't have to worry about power outages.

We follow these steps when we install a generator:

Generator Installation

Typically, this package's rates are for the primary purchase and installation of a standard backup generator. However, your generator's actual cost will vary depending on a number of factors that will be discussed with you before installation.

There are two main components in the generator package: the generator and the automatic transfer switch (ATS). These two components need to be located according to your home's layout, and certain circumstances will determine where they belong. A generator must be connected to the natural gas meter or an appropriate size natural gas line as its fuel supply. It is often recommended to keep this distance to a minimum for fuel pipeline sizing and, more importantly, cost.

Generators and ATS's must be interconnected with electrical supplies, battery chargers, and service feeders. It is highly advisable to build them close to the existing electrical supply panels or meters. Most homes have utilities located near one another, but sometimes they don't. This generally doesn't present a problem, but it usually increases the generator installation cost.

Keep in mind there are different installation ways you can choose from. Whole House Generators CT considers different installation possibilities for the sake of keeping your overall costs within your budget. Our engineering team offers solutions to every challenge and accepts guidance on what you want. The final decision regarding the layout is yours to make, as we want you to have the best solutions for your standby power needs.

Installing generators is possible year-round, except for heavy rainfall or snow. Cold temperatures don't pose a problem.

Before installation, a master electrician will go over the homeowners' installation plans, reviewing videos, pictures, and notes. He will answer any questions that you may have.

When the install is done, the master electrician will explain how the standby system works and address any questions you might have.

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Generator Evaluation

We conduct a comprehensive assessment to assess your current energy requirements and find the right generator for you. A too big generator might be a waste of money, and one that is too small might consume too much fuel without sufficiently meeting your needs.

Generator Installation

A generator placed in the wrong place could be an eyesore, or it could release harmful fumes into your home. We'll make sure it's put away in a location where it will be hardly noticeable until needed. Our team will install concrete pads and connect your generator correctly to your electrical panel via a transfer switch.

Transfer Switch

Transfer switches provide the best and easiest solution for switching from the grid power to a generator. You get to choose automatic or manual transfer switches to meet your situation perfectly.

You don't want to discover that you have a malfunctioning generator in the middle of an emergency. Preventive maintenance can help make sure that it works when you need it most. When an emergency occurs, you'll never regret installing a functional generator at your Oxford area home or office. Let Whole House Generators CT help you pick the perfect generator that will fit your needs.

Generator Installation


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