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With an emergency generator, you are assured of a dependable energy source in times of uncertainty. There is nothing more comforting than the assurance of a reliable power source during an outage or disaster. Make sure your generator is running properly by adhering to a scheduled maintenance program.
Standby Generator Maintenance

Generator Maintenance 
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We excel at keeping your standby power going

We have been installing generators in Oxford, CT, the surrounding areas for over ten years for homes and businesses alike. If you are planning a generator installation, you can count on Whole House Generators CT.

The installation of a generator involves more than simply plugging it into your home and setting it outside. A properly installed generator will facilitate seamless electrical services during a power outage. It is easier to safeguard your family when electric service is continuous, where you don't have to worry about power outages.

We follow these steps when we install a generator:

Generator Maintenance 

Connecticut's harsh weather, poor utility reliability, and protection from electric shocks require your generator system and transfer switch to be in good repair year-round.

Regular maintenance is necessary to maintain a standby or portable generator system to perform when the power goes out. Batteries, oils, fluids, spark plugs, belts, and hoses deteriorate over time, valve clearance, ignition timing, and frequency need to be adjusted.

Why should you use the Whole House Generators CT service team?

You can count on the highly trained technicians at Whole House Generators CT and their stocked service trucks to get your generator running no matter the weather when it matters most.

Hassle-free maintenance: We will keep track of and contact you each year to schedule your annual standby generator service.

We keep an updated database on all visits to your generator. You will be greeted by trained technicians who will arrive on time with a complete set of tools and materials so that we can maintain or repair your generator the first time around.

Service emergencies 24/7: We offer an emergency repair service, no matter the weather conditions, so no matter what you require, we can provide it for you.

Installing replacement parts and providing maintenance for generators is one of our company's main priorities.

If you don't have a service contract for your generator, call (203) 560-6169 to arrange onsite service.

Professional Generator Maintenance

Your Generac Generator System needs annual upkeep

Generator: (Engine, Alternator & Controls) Maintenance

  1. Replace lubricating oil
  2. Inspect the base and replace the oil filter
  3. Install new spark plugs in all engines except diesel.
  4. Make sure that coils and plug caps are correctly connected.
  5. Check cooling system and clean fins (air-cooled) or ensure radiator is filled (liquid-cooled up to 1 gallon)
  6. Make sure the fan guard is in good shape and secure.
  7. Ensure your air filter and pre-cleaner are clean.
  8. Replace your fuel filters (diesel and gasoline)
  9. Make sure the engine gaskets, breathers, and fuel regulations are in working order, checking for any fuel or oil leakage
  10. Ensure that engine belts, hoses, and clamps are in good condition and adjust as needed
  11. Ensure governor and carburetor linkage are correctly lubricated
  12. Load the testing battery and record the VDC readings
  13. Clean posts, recharge the battery, and top off the electrolyte.
  14. Measure and record the charge rates of static and running batteries
  15. Ensure proper operation of engine heaters and battery heaters
  16. Inspect all safety shutdown devices on the engine and electrical systems.
  17. Look for excessive noise or vibrations in the unit
  18. Ensure mounting bolts, brackets, and coupling connections are in good condition.
  19. Measure, calibrate, and record the output voltages & frequencies
  20. Make sure the engine, alternator, and control wiring are all working properly.
  21. Inspection and maintenance of dampers, louvers, and intakes as necessary.
  22. Clean the outside of your generator and engine.
  23. Update the main controller OEM firmware via a laptop computer when new updates are available

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Maintenance

  1. Make sure the power terminals are not overheated, and the lugs are clean
  2. Inspect the wiring and connections on the control board.
  3. Make sure exercise clock settings are correct (as needed)
  4. Examine the switchgear mechanism for mechanical failure.
  5. Check the time delay (as necessary)
  6. Perform an outage simulation with permission

If approved, the following recommended extended interval items will be quoted and billed independently from the standard generator maintenance service. During scheduling, our service coordinator will verify as required:

  1. Replace engine batteries (3 - 4 year interval);
  2. Replacing internal fuel lines (6 - 7 year interval);
  3. Adjust the exhaust and intake valves once every 300-400 hours of operation ( - mechanical valves only).
  4. Replace the ATS battery when necessary (3 - 4 year interval).
  5. Maintenance on cooling systems (4-5 year interval, - only with liquid-cooled generators)

Generator Maintenance 

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