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During an outage or emergency, an emergency generator can provide you with a backup power source. When you need an energy source that you can count on during an uncertain time, nothing is more comforting than a whole house generator. If yours needs repairs, get in touch with us today to help ensure your generator will operate the moment you need it.
Generator Repair and Service in CT

Generator Repair
and Maintenance Services

Whole House Generators CT will help you with all of your generator repair and troubleshooting needs.

Power is essential to everyday life. Whole House Generators CT offers clients troubleshooting and repair services for residential, commercial, and industrial generators up to 2MW to keep their power on when others can't.

It's no fun when the power goes out, and your generator doesn't kick on. At Whole House Generators CT, we do home generator service, repair, and troubleshooting for all Generac models. If it backs up your home, we have the Generac parts you need.

Generator Repair and Service

Our team of highly-trained electricians will make sure the generators and equipment are maintained with regular service to ensure optimal performance and mitigate any downtimes due to unforeseen circumstances.

With Whole House Generators CT, we offer preventive maintenance agreements and on-time repairs on every type of generator. Not only do we repair and service generators in Oxford, CT, but we have contractors across Connecticut as well. It is essential to maintain standby power generators regularly in order to ensure they can deliver continuous electricity in the event of a power outage. It is best to follow the manufacturer's maintenance schedule to ensure that the generator operates at its maximum efficiency and worry-free in the unexpected event required to provide power.

Preventative Maintenance Agreements
for Generators

Put an end to downtime and protect your home and business with Whole House Generators CT. We provide 24-hour emergency generator service, preventative generator maintenance programs, and repair services for all makes of Generac power generation and switchgear.

We offer you enhanced protection by providing well-planned preventative maintenance tailored to your needs and applied consistently.

Your generator may need repairs in the following areas:

  • Check your oil levels, coolant, spark plugs, and filters, and add or change what is required.
  • Repairing fuel delivery systems with leaks
  • Fixing all air intakes and outlets.
  • Cleaning battery cables and repairing them
  • Checking all electrical connections and wiring
  • Testing of load banks

At Whole House Generators CT, we take great care to provide the best service and maintenance for all Generac generators.

The experts at our company have handled all kinds of generators, whether they are diesel or natural gas, and know the ins and outs systems involved. This helps them understand the minute issues that need attention and help them rectify them as soon as possible. We provide emergency generator repair services that are quick and affordable in CT. (For emergency repair services, please call instead of sending emails.)

Call us (203) 560-6169 for your Generator Repair & Service Needs
Repairing Generators in CT

Whole House Generators CT specializes in factory warranties, recalls, and general maintenance.

We'll repair or service any Generac generator regardless of who installed it.

We are Generac Power Systems authorized technicians

Generac Generators can only be repaired or maintained by factory authorized, certified Generac technicians.

If you would like to schedule a non-emergency repair or service, please email our Service Department.

As an Authorized Generac Select Dealer, certified for sales and service in the state of Connecticut, we employ technicians certified for Generac generator in-field repairs, and we use only factory authorized original parts.

Generac's select dealers are members of the dealer network engaged in the distribution, installation, service, and maintenance of Generac standby and portable generators. These dealers meet Generac's requirement of factory-trained technicians and an ample parts inventory.

An emergency is not the time to learn that your generator is malfunctioning. Should the unexpected arise, connect with our experienced team of Generac generator repair experts to get the assistance you need. When an emergency arises, you'll never regret contacting the Whole House Generators CT team.

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